About us

Elevate Midstream Partners LLC is a private midstream service company focused on providing responsive, scalable, value enhancing midstream solutions to exploration and production customers across the US onshore oil and gas production basins. Elevate Midstream’s services include natural gas gathering, compression, treating, processing and transportation; crude oil and condensate gathering, stabilization, transportation and storage; produced water gathering and disposal, and related marketing services. Elevate Midstream is backed by Tailwater Capital LLC with an initial equity commitment of $100 million.  

Midstream Services

Elevate Midstream provides a comprehensive suite of midstream services for all exploration and production commodity and disposal requirements, including but not limited to:

Infield Natural Gas and Crude Gathering and Separation

Aggregating export and buyback gas gathering systems and centralized processing facilities with ancillary equipment including pumps, heaters, separators, emulsion treaters, tanks, regulators, compressors, and dehydrators.

Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids Processing and Transportation

Cryogenic, refrigeration, and wellhead processing options with ancillary facilities required for the recovery and transportation of Natural Gas Liquids and Residue Gas.

Crude Oil and Condensate Stabilization, Transportation, and Storage

Centralized Crude Oil and Condensate facilities including RVP stabilization, flash gas recovery, tankage, measurement and downstream transportation.

Treating and Compression 

Wellhead and centralized compression facilities and CO2 and H2S acid gas and sulfur treatment.

Waste Water Handling and Disposal

Aggregating gathering, transportation, and disposal of produced water.

Marketing Services

Elevate Midstream also provides supplemental marketing services for midstream customers including netback optimization through midstream services and downstream market optionality.